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Customer Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

I use this pain cream every day and it takes my pain away and I don't need to take pain meds.



(Pain Cream) I bought it to help relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It definitely helps and has a pleasant scent. I was worried about the turmeric leaving stains, but that hasn’t been an issue.


GREAT deodorant and great honest seller!


(Bee Healed Wound Cream) It worked wonders on my injury.

trash browser

Great handmade Deodorant! I really LOVE it! No nasty chemicals at all!! I will be back for more!💘


(Natural Deodorant) Praise The Most High! I love supporting business owners in the truth. I love the all natural products and it shipped on time 😄


(Betonite Clay Deodorant) 5 stars

MS Brantley

(Ahayah's Promise Round Tube Deodorant) 5 stars

Ms Brantley

(Pain Cream) Tried it today on my inflammation of the ankle joint and I actually forgot about the pain.....looking forward to seeing how this works!


(Eucalyptus Breath Easy Rub) Smells terrific, Quick shipping and awesome price


(Natural Deodorant) Smells amazing and last for a really long time


My hair is so healthy. I love the way my hair is soft and shiny. it used to be dry and brittle. Since I have started using the hair growth cream it is more manageable. I love it.


My hair is thicker and healthier now. My scalp was dry, my hair was damaged. All situations have improved now upon my using Ahayah's Promise Hair Growth. No more itchy scalp, no more sores, no more dry brittle hair from past chemical exposure, and no more breakage. Thanks


When I first started using this, my hair was chemically damaged from relaxers, and hair color. It was falling out, and breaking off.  The outer edges of the side of my hair was balding. I started using the Hair Growth cream and I noticed some hair growth within a month. I have been using it for a while now and, my hair is long again and my sides have grown in.


I have been using Samson Hair Growth for at least 6 mos and it is working wonders for me. The top of my hair used to be thin and started coming out. Some parts were balding. Since using your product my hair has grown back and has strengthened also. I'm up in age and thought there was no hope for me. Thanks to Samson Hair growth my hair has regained its youthfulness.





Dear Ahayah's Promise Herbals, my daughter is 5 years old and has very thin hair. She has ripped a braid out while


asleep and cut her hair to make her own bangs. After 21/2 weeks of using Samson Hair Grow, my baby girl walked up


to me and flipped her hair to the side then said, "Look at me mom!! My hair is coming back and its long!" I began


rubbing her hair and noticed not only was her hair growing, it was also thickening!


This product is amazing!!


                                                                                    Sincerely Yours, Kisiah and Laniah

Hello I ran across the ad for the Samson Hair Growth cream on Facebook, and decided to order to see if it works. My hair has been thinning for years and nothing else worked, but this cream has really been a shocker, my hair is growing back and I am one happy customer. I plan to try the shampoo next, thank you Ahayah’s Promise Herbals!


My husband and I use the Cayenne pain cream and it works immediately, especially for those with knee pain and back pain ! You can order on line....Don't miss out yall I Promise this stuff is AMAZING!😍

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